Hydraulic and Lubricating Oils

Derby Hydraulic 220, 320, 460

Derby Hydraulic 220,320 and 460 are antiwear types of hydraulic oils .They are blended from highly refined base stocks with anti oxidant, antiwear, anti rust and anti foam additives. These grades are recommended for circulation systems wherever lubrication characteristics are essential, particularly paper mills, plastic film calendars.These grades are also recommended for use in compressors, machine tools hydraulic and circulation systems and enclosed gear boxes which do not require EP type lubrications.

Derby Hydraulic 32, 46, 68,100,150

Derby hydraulic oils are used in circulating systems. These grades are blended form highly refined base stocks which are further fortified with antioxidation, anticorrosion, anti wear and anti foam additives to get the best performance and long service life. These oils are recommended for hydraulic systems due to excellent lubrication characteristics these oils can be used in variety of circulation systems of industrial and automotive equipment, enclosed gear boxes, chain drives, vacuum pumps. They meet the requirements of very high pressure systems and very high pump speeds are encountered.