Fire Resistance Hydraulic Fluids

Derby Hydraulic FR 68 & FR-100

Derby Hydraulic FR are oil in water type fire resistance hydraulic fluids .These type of hydraulic fluids are specially developed for hydraulically operated mining pitprops. Derby Hydraulic FR grades are manufactured by very finely dispersing water droplets through the oil phase along with effective additive package which imparts excellent emulsion stability, anti-corrosion, anti wear and anti oxidant properties.These grades are suitable for use in coal mines, where fire resistance is of great importance and are also recommended for foaming equipments such as, casting machinery and forging presses .

Derby Hydraulic FR 46

Derby Hydraulic FR-46 is fire resistance hydraulic fluid. This product is blend of water, glycol a polymeric lubricity and thickening agent incorporated with additives to provide lubricity and corrosion resistance. This grade has excellent fire resistance, demonstrated by the fact that the fluid cannot be ignited in the recognized spray ignition test and has no flash point.